Friday, January 13, 2012

Five Great Reasons to Try Felted Soap Bars.

A felted soap bar simply is a soap bar that is felted in wool, most likely sheep or alpaca.  We use sheep’s wool that has no color dyes, from a neighboring friend’s sheep farm.  If you have never tried a felted soap bar before here are five great reasons to give one a try.

1.    A handcrafted therapeutic soap bar will last much longer if it is felted.  Because of the natural Glycerin in handmade soaps, they must not be left in standing water, for they will turn to mush very quickly.  It is very important to place soap bars on soap trays to dry out after use.  Felted soap bars should be placed on a soap tray as well, but will not turn to mush as quickly as an un-felted soap bar.
2.    You are getting a wash cloth and soap bar all in one great package!  Once the felted bar has been soaked and begins to lather up, you have a wonderful natural wash cloth to bathe with.
3.    Skin exfoliation!  A felted soap bar is a great for mild skin exfoliation, which is very important to incorporate on a weekly basis to help shed unwanted dead skin cells.
4.    Felted soap bars are not slippery like a regular soap bar that can be easily slipped and dropped in the shower.
5.    They make excellent gifts, especially for those hard to shop for ones in our lives.  Not too many people have a felted soap bar, nor have they ever heard of them.  Most likely they will appreciate the creativity and be intrigued to put it to use.

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